Want to be Construction Job Ready on Your First Day? Here’s How

Hardhat? Check. Safety goggles? Check. Lunch? Check. Getting ready for your first day on a new construction jobsite can be nerve-wracking. You can rest assured you’ll be ready to impress your new boss and co-workers by adding these steps to your first day check list:

You may have heard the saying, “early is on time, on time is late.” This is particularly true in the construction industry. Showing up 10-15 minutes early on your first day will show your boss and your co-workers that you are excited to start working and are serious about the job.

Don’t even think about stepping foot on the jobsite without your personal protective equipment (PPE). You probably know to pack your hard hat, work gloves, ear protectors, safety goggles and dust masks, but you may also want check with your employer beforehand to see if there is any special safety gear you will need for your new job.

You can’t just rely on your hardhat to keep you safe on a chaotic construction site, you have to be fully aware on what is going on around you. Start your first day fresh by getting plenty of rest the night before. In order to prevent unnecessary distractions, try to leave your cell phone in your bag and only check it during breaks.

The night before your first day, make sure your tools are organized, clean and in working condition. You may also want to ask your employer if there are certain tools you will need for your specific job. If you do end up needing to borrow tools on site, make sure you return them before the end of the day.

Just because you are new doesn’t mean you have to wait for orders. If no one is asking you to do something, doing small tasks like lugging trash or stacking lumber will show your new co-workers you are a team player.

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