The Four Crucial FDNY Certificates to Acquire

There are still a lot of jobs available in the construction industry, but the process of landing one is growing more competitive. Contractors and hiring managers are looking for workers who are qualified across an array of disciplines. The federal infrastructure bill is expected to bring a significant amount of money for construction projects to New York, which means there will be more opportunities and openings than ever before.

Get yourself ready to rise to the top of the applicant pool by earning the “four core” certificates from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), available for completion throughout the year. These certificates, while not a formal requirement, as fast becoming seen as a necessity and will help you land the job you’re looking for or advance in the one you already have.

Below is information on the four core certificates:

F-60: Fire Guard for Torch Operations

This certification will prove you are qualified to lead fire guard patrols, fill out inspection records and logs, and practice fire department procedures when operating flammable materials and torch operations. According to the FDNY, torch operations at the following locations must be conducted by at least one F-60 fire guard:

  1. Construction sites.
  2. In any building or structure, when the torch operation is conducted by a person holding a citywide permit for torch operations.
  3. On any rooftop, or in connection with any torch-applied roofing system operation.

The certificate expires in 3 years and requires a $25 application fee or $15 renewal fee. You can apply here.

S92: Supervision of Portable Fueled Space Heaters at Construction

Having this in your arsenal is particularly helpful in the colder months, which are certainly on the way, though it might be hard to imagine that now. As the weather gets cooler, construction sites often depend on portable fueled space heaters to provide warmth for workers. Although the heaters are not terribly complex to operate, workers are required to have this certificate to avoid injuries or hazardous situations.

S93 AND S94: Handling and Dispensing Flammable or Combustible Liquids

These certificates of fitness are required for supervising the storage and dispensing of flammable or combustible materials at construction sites. When flammable or combustible liquids – such as gasoline or diesel fuel – are stored improperly, it may lead to unsafe and potentially fatal incidents. With these under your belt, you will be better equipped to keep yourself and your colleagues safe.