The FDNY F-60: What You Need to Know 

Through conversations with our employer partners, the Building Skills team has learned just how in-demand the FDNY Certificate of Fitness for Fire Guard for Torch Operations (F-60 certification) truly is. The F-60 is highly requested in part because of how versatile it is. Individuals who obtain an F-60 can apply their skills and knowledge in the foundation/concreate, superstructure, masonry, carpentry, HVAC, sprinklers, plumbing, and roofing trades. Clearly, an F-60 certificate opens the door for many job opportunities, particularly for newer entrants into the construction field as it ensures a jobseeker stands out. Not only will an F-60 set you apart from other entry level employees, but it can also help your chances of maintaining job security. Since employers value an F-60 certification, employees with the F-60 are more likely to remain employed when work on a particular jobsite or project begins to wind down and employers scale back their workforce. Obtaining an F-60 can also lead to wage growth. 

How to Get Your F-60 

To receive an F-60 certificate, you will need to pass the Fitness for Fire Guard for Torch Operations exam administered at the FDNY MetroTech Center in Brooklyn. The exam costs $25, and a study guide can be found here. We recommend studying at least one week before your scheduled exam date. Upon passing the exam, you will receive a certificate from the FDNY. Then, you will need to ask your employer for a letter of recommendation. Upon presentation of the recommendation letter, the FDNY will issue your F-60 card. Many workers are led to believe that you cannot take the F-60 test unless you have a sponsored recommendation, but you can take the test without a letter from your employer. The letter of recommendation is required after taking the exam.