Practicing Cell Phone Safety on the Job Site

We’ve all heard about how cellphones can be dangerous – teenagers texting while driving is a perfect example. But what about cellphone dangers on the job? Used improperly or irresponsibly, cellphones can pose great risks to you and your coworkers. Though there are currently no OSHA regulations that pertain to cellphones on the job site, OSHA can cite employers for violation of the General Duty Clause, which dictates that the workplace needs to be free from hazards. Here are some ways a cellphone can be hazardous in and around a construction site:

Distracted Driving

Many construction workers operate heavy machinery and according to OSHA texting and driving is one of the leading causes of death for workers. In 2010, 3,000 people were killed due to distracted driving and 416,000 were injured on job sites. OSHA encourages employers to declare their vehicles “text-free zones.” So next time you are given the task of operating a vehicle, put the phone away.

Dangerous Walking

It may sound silly but walking while texting can kill you – and that’s just in everyday life. So imagine what can happen when walking around a dangerous construction site without looking to see what’s around you. You can trip, step on a live wire, walk in front of an operating vehicle – even walk off of a roof or into a deadly situation. Just don’t do it. Your text can wait until you get to where you’re going.

Lack of Productivity

You want to ensure you are showing your boss and your colleagues that you are focused and are remaining on task for all projects. Constantly being on your phone will do the exact opposite of this. It shows you are more focused on texting or a video then the task at hand. The average person gets interrupted once every eight minutes. Think about how this may be breaking your focus on your work. Trying to multitask will be terrible for your productivity and will ultimately lead to a lower quality of work.

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