How to Stay Ahead of the Game in the Construction Industry

You just wrapped up your first project.

You spent countless hours on the job site helping your team build something from nothing.

Now what?

It can be hard to balance working on one project while looking for the next. With a little planning and determination, you’ll be able to line up a new construction project quickly. Here are some things you can do to stay ahead of the game in the construction industry.

Talk to everyone
Every person on your jobsite could help further your career in some way. Trade contractors can tell you more about specialty jobs within the industry. Longtime construction workers can tell you what worked for them in their career, or what they wish they did differently. Maintaining a good relationship with employers and project managers could lead to future job opportunities.

Get online
Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook offer hundreds of groups where you can make connections with other construction workers in your area and find out about networking events. Online forums are also a great resource to chat with other construction workers about their experience in the industry, share tips, and more.

Shake hands
However, social media should not replace face-to-face networking. Attending industry events can be pivotal in landing your next project. If you are just starting out, you may want to practice networking skills at smaller events first. Or you could jump into larger events hosted by trade groups, organizations, or larger companies.

Push yourself
It’s important to continue to build your skillset outside of the jobsite. Training courses are a great way to broaden your job prospects. You can take classes for specific trades, safety, site management, and more. Honing your skills can not only lead to more jobs, but also higher salaries.

Ask for help
If you want a little guidance finding your next gig, there are organizations that exist to do just that. Building Skills New York’s mission is to help place New Yorkers in construction projects and assist in advancing their skills training. If you’re looking for help with your construction career, get access Building Skills NY construction trainings and job opportunities by checking out our Job Seekers page.