How to Nail a Construction Job Interview

If you’ve applied for a construction job and have been asked to come in for an interview, congratulations! You’ve already gotten past the first hurdle. As any job candidate would, prospective construction workers should spend some time preparing beforehand, including familiarizing yourself with – and having answers to – a number of industry-specific questions that you may be asked. When you’re sitting down with the project hiring manager, be sure to follow these tips.

Highlight Specific Technical Skills 

When speaking with a hiring manager, it’s important to be specific about your construction-related skills and work history. Instead of listing general experience, provide detailed examples of actual tasks and projects you have worked on. You will be more credible if you can provide a hiring manager with your precise techniques for operating heavy machinery or digging tunnels. Mentally prepare a list of any certifications or standout experiences that you’ve had in previous jobs. If the job requires specific physical demands, make sure to also mention why you’re up to the task.

Make a List of “Soft Skills”

Industry-specific skills are a good way to start out, but make sure to also weave some of your “soft skills” into your interview. Some important soft skills include the ability to work as part of a team, dependability, a strong work ethic, time management, and problem-solving. Again, be as specific as possible. Tell the hiring manager a story about how you worked well with a team on your last site or provide an example of a difficult worksite problem for which you found a solution.

Prepare Questions   

When you are preparing for your interview, make sure to also create a list of your questions. It’s smart to jot them down in a notebook beforehand so you don’t forget. According to Career Sidekick, the number-one reason people fail at job interviews is because they haven’t researched the company. In your questions, mention specific worksites and projects you found in your research.  

Keep a Good Attitude Throughout

While a hiring manager’s main purpose is to learn about your level of construction experience, he or she will also want to know about you. Your demeanor is a huge factor when making a first impression and can help show the hiring manager that you are interested and engaged. From start to finish, maintain your enthusiasm about the position. Your answer to each question should make it clear that you are the best person for the job.

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