How to Make a Long-Lasting Positive Impression 

When a candidate is interviewing or gearing up to start a job, they are consistently reminded of the importance of making a positive first impression. While a good first impression is key to getting hired and beginning work, making a long-lasting positive impression is key to remaining employed and advancing your career. 

Here are a few reminders to help you keep up a positive first impression: 

Be Work-Ready: Showing up work-ready means arriving dressed in your personal protective equipment, arriving early at your job-site, and arriving with a positive attitude. 

When in Doubt, Over-communicate: Work can be stressful and confusing for everyone, but the key to getting work done efficiently and correctly is communication. If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to ask questions and over-communicate with your colleagues and your supervisors. Listening is also essential to being a good communicator. 

Be Approachable: Part of being a good worker is being approachable. When you are approachable, other people enjoy working with you. Someone who is approachable makes eye contact with others, smiles, uses positive body language, and encourages other colleagues. 

Have a Willingness to Learn: Learning is essential to growing your career and advancing your skillset. When you show a willingness to learn, you also show your employer you care about your job and the project you are working on. This builds trust between you and your employer.