Don’t Think You’re Made for The Construction Trades? Think Again.

Don’t Think You’re Made for The Construction Trades? Think Again.

Demand for construction workers is expected to continue to grow over the coming years, far outpacing most other sectors. Here in New York, where there is still considerable unmet demand for new construction, that creates real opportunities for many citizens aiming to find a reliable and fulfilling path into the middle-class. If you’ve ever considered a career in construction, or wondered if you had what it takes, here are some qualities that can help you succeed in the industry.

1. Eagerness to Learn

With the way projects are being developed, especially with new and emerging technologies, construction workers need to be willing to learn on their feet and be adaptable. There are both opportunities to learn on the job and at different skills training programs around the city. For example, the HOPE program in New York City has a training program called Sustainable South Bronx that teaches “basic skills in HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing repair and maintenance.” You can learn more about their training program here. BSNY has also recently partnered with Hostos Community College and Public Housing Communities, Inc to cover OSHA-30 training and expand site safety knowledge for construction workers.

2. Enjoy Working with Your Hands

Construction work is, of course, a manual industry—so if you love working on projects around your house or apartment, you probably have the basic skills needed to adapt. You probably even love working with your hands, which is important for any career in the construction industry.

3. Strong Communication Skills

If you don’t mind asking questions, interacting with co-workers and have a knack for building relationships, you will succeed as a construction worker. Strong communications skills are important to completing tasks on a site and building team confidence. Construction firms love to see strong communication skills in their employees.

4. You Put Tools Back in The Toolbox

It is every worker’s responsibility to make sure their job site is safe and being organized is key to helping ensure there are no accidents. If you are the type of person who cannot stand clutter, is always picking up after someone else, and rarely loses things—you will succeed as a construction worker.

5. Cannot Stand Sitting Around

You obviously won’t be sitting around a desk in the construction trades, and firms are always looking for productive workers. Rising construction costs means any delays can eat into company profits, so employers want someone who is eager to work. If you cannot stand sitting around, becoming a construction worker might be the career for you.

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