What Should Your Construction Resume Include?

Every day, hiring managers in the real estate industry seek talented and trained men and women interested in working in the construction field. The informal nature of construction work might make you think you do not need a resume, but this simply isn’t true. Your resume is a hiring manager’s first impression of you, which means it should tactfully market your construction skills and experience. Read our tips on how to develop a construction resume that will help you get noticed and land an interview.

Make your contact info easy to find and choose a readable font.

Start your document with a header that includes your full name, professional email, and phone number. In addition, choose an easy to read font and remain consistent with it throughout the document. Examples of simple, clean fonts are Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana.

State an objective.

One way to help your resume stand-out is by stating an objective, which is usually at the top of your resume, after the header with your name and contact information. An objective is not required. However, if you are stating an objective be sure to briefly mention why you are interested in the construction field and what your goals are. The objective is typically a two-sentence statement, this can set the stage for the rest of your document and get your foot in the door.

List all relevant licenses and certifications.

Show your strength as a candidate and ake sure you list all current training, licenses and certifications required for constructions jobs. This provides the hiring manager a better sense of your technical skills and construction training, which will help them determine if you are the right fit for the job. Some examples may include OSHA [10 or 30], NYCDOB Scaffolding, Masonry, C.P.R. / First Aid, Security Guard, Rigger/Signal Person Certification, Fireguard F-60, Tower Crane Operator, Welding, G-60 Torch Use.

Highlight your experience and accomplishments by using active language and strong descriptions.

To grab a hiring manager’s attention, be sure to start each line of your work experience with a strong action verb, such as installed, maintained, performed, trained, managed and implemented. This plays up your strengths in the field.

Highlight any specific materials you have worked with, such as concrete, wood, specific types of paints, or pipes. Describe your expertise and experience with any tools you have used to show a hiring manager that you have the skills to get a job done.

Be honest.

Finally, stay truthful! Be sure to include construction training, duties and responsibilities you’ve actually performed because you will be asked to describe your past experiences, training, what you’ve learned and accomplishments during the job interview.


Are you ready to start a job in the field of construction? Please check all that apply:

 I am 18 years or older and legally authorized to work in the United States.
 I have worked on a large construction site for at least six months.
 I can report to a job site in any borough by 6:30 AM daily.
 I can perform the physical duties of construction.
 I have an updated resume that details my construction site experience and certifications.
 I own my own Personal Protective Equipment.
 I have a working cellphone that I can be reached at.
 I have valid OSHA certifications in my wallet.
 I have reliable transportation to get to and from work.
 I have downloaded the City Mapper (Travel App) telephone application
 I do not have any upcoming appointments that may conflict with my work schedule.

If you meet these requirements and feel like you have what it takes, please complete a Building Skills NY (BSNY) application here and one of our staff members will contact you upon receipt of your application. View our open job opportunities here.

By Building Skills NY Staff