Dear Building Skills NY Participants,

When Building Skills New York first embarked on its mission to expand career opportunities in historically underserved neighborhoods, it came with an acknowledgement that America’s painful legacy of systemic racism is at the heart of the challenges faced by Black and Brown communities in our city and across the nation.

Now, as New Yorkers continue taking to the streets to fight racism and demand justice, the Building Skills team stands with all of you in support of that crucial effort. We remain committed to rejecting racism, discrimination and hate in every aspect of our society. We say it clearly: Black Lives Matter. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and so many other lives were ripped away by racist violence that must never be forgotten. Change is needed now.

For our team, this means that we will work harder to play a role in expanding opportunities and breaking down barriers for the men and women we serve every day. It also means that we will listen to and elevate the Black and Brown voices that keep us focused on what really matters. And it means that we will continue to stand in solidarity with all of you in the fight for justice.

Please feel free to share any thoughts, questions or comments with our team if you would ever like to discuss these deeply importantly issues with us. Thank you for being a Building Skills participant and for making your voice heard in the future of our city and our nation.