5 Paths in NYC’s Construction Industry

5 Paths in NYC’s Construction Industry

By the Building Skills NY Team

In the largest and most vibrant city in the world, our economy is constantly changing and evolving with every new addition to the skyline. But that skyline does not transform all on its own. More than 150,000 men and women all across New York City work in construction, building, revising and refining it each and every day, accounting for more than $60 billion inserted into our dynamic local economy.

With so much happening in the industry, there is a tremendous range of opportunities for job seekers willing to roll up their sleeves and build the New York of tomorrow – today. A career in construction – usually beginning on a job site – can lead to an exciting career path, from management to ownership.

If you have ever considered a career in construction and often wonder about the path available to you, here are some opportunities in the industry.


  1. Onsite Worker

The beating heart of any construction project, onsite workers are responsible for turning plans into reality. With so much happening at any given time, workers need to be mechanically inclined, possess a keen understanding of their surroundings, and be able to work well with a team.

  1. Project Manager

Usually responsible for ensuring that projects are well planned, completed on-time, and closely follow safety regulations. If you are organized and have the ability to communicate with a diverse set of stakeholders, a management role may be for you.

  1. Administration

Not all construction work happens onsite. The industry requires a large set of administrators to assist with marketing, human resources, and finance. Each position allows for interaction with a diverse set of projects and requires different – yet necessary and valuable – sets of skills.

  1. Teaching

Those who can, teach. The same goes for experienced construction professionals. After a successful career in the industry, many workers transition into a technical instructor role – ensuring that their experience is passed down to the next generation of construction workers.

  1. Safety Officer

Perhaps the most critical role on any construction site is ensuring the safety of all the workers. Safety officers mitigate risk and monitor safety hazards across the workplace. Understanding the ins and outs of safety regulations is very often a springboard to senior construction management roles.


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