Why did you decide to join the program?

I was unemployed, trying to figure out what I was going to do next to secure another job. Not just any job, I needed some skills. I heard about the program through a flyer in my building and signed up. I'd worked on building projects in the past, doing repairs here and there, but Building Skills NY definitely helped me get my foot in the door to work for actual construction companies.

What type of impact do you think Building Skills NY will have in your community?
It's definitely a positive impact. Coming from the community I come from, you have so many underprivileged individuals looking for a way out. This is definitely a first step to a way out. And working in your own neighborhood, you're physically helping improve your community.

What is your most memorable experience from the course?
I loved all the hands-on work, because what better way is there to learn? We built from the ground-up a bathroom with a window. We got to see every aspect of building from framing to putting in sheet rocket, installing plumbing, and running electrical wires.

What have you been working on since graduating?
I got hired as an assistant carpenter shortly after graduating. 

What advice would you give someone interested in joining the program?

Stay focused, be open to learning, and stick through it to the end because it will pay off. You get what you put into it, so if you're willing to stick with the program, there will be results. I'll be one of the first to say Building Skills NY is real, it works. I went from not having a job to having a job because of this program. I would definitely vouch for it.

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